mPower Work and Tool Holding

mPower is the product development division of Modern Industries, a diversified, multi-division corporation founded in 1946. As a manufacturing operation that faces global competition, we fully understand that the need work to faster, smarter and at a lower cost is the key to success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Having experienced first-hand the frustration with existing workholding technology, we were certain that better methods could be developed to compress set-up times, expedite fixturing changes and improve throughput.

Thus, the mPower™ group was launched. And the dynamic, innovative thinking which they have applied to re-thinking the form and function of workholding products can translate into significant, tangible benefits for every HMC or VMC equipment operator.


Innovative Solutions

Who in the machining industry isn’t looking for more innovative solutions? Until now, very few expected to realize those benefits from their work holding products.

Now you can. Introducing mPower™, it stands for “maximizing the power.” The power to create a significant competitive edge in both machining throughput and cost reductions using your present machining equipment.


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Increased Productivity

The mPower line includes precision mounting systemsmodular tooling columns, indexers and tool holders. The advanced technology engineered into this unique product line offers you numerous exclusive benefits…

  • The power to make set-up and fixture changes in just seconds
  • Unequalled work holding flexibility
  • Optimized manufacturing throughput
  • Maximize your competitive edge by reducing operating costs
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