SpinLoc Indexers

SpinLoc™ Indexers represent a significant leap forward in the technology of indexer design and operation.

Numerous devices are available today to help you create 4th or 5th axis machining capabilities.  However, no system compares to the range of features, benefits and significant operating advantages delivered by unique, patented SpinLoc Indexers.

SpinLoc Indexers offer:

  • Simplicity – SpinLoc indexers are mechanically actuated by the machine tool, eliminating the need for electronic or hydraulic systems.
  • Low Cost Operation – SpinLoc indexers are significantly less costly to operate versus typical “power-driven” indexers.
  • Faster Set-up & Integration – SpinLoc indexers can be integrated into fixturing systems much faster than powered systems.
  • Multiple Actuation Options – Rotary and Plunger activated models available.

Combining the obvious benefits of high accuracy positioning, with the significant time savings which the super fast SpeedLoc™ precision mounting system offers and the net result is quality machining at a throughput rate faster than virtually any other off-the-shelf system available today. Also available are high precision trunnion indexers engineered specifically for use on VMC equipment.


  • High accuracy spindle-plunger actuation.
  • A full 360° range of motion.
  • 5° indexer movement.
  • Extremely fast base plate mounting.
  • Design specifically for use with the SpeedLoc™ precision mounting system.
  • Rugged construction.
  • Will support tooling columns to __ lbs.
  • Custom gear sets quoted on request.



  • Horizontal machines
  • Vertical machines
  • Trunnion set-ups