We are the product development division of Modern Industries, a diversified, multi-division corporation founded in 1946.

building_extAs a manufacturing operation that faces global competition, we fully understand that the need work to faster, smarter and at a lower cost is the key to either success of failure in today’s competitive marketplace. Having experienced first-hand the frustration with existing workholding technology, we were certain that better methods could be developed to compress set-up times, expedite fixturing changes and improve throughput.

Thus, the mPower™ group was launched. And the dynamic, innovative thinking which they have applied to re-thinking the form and function of workholding products can translate into significant, tangible benefits for every HMC or VMC equipment operator. So if you’re looking for a powerful way to realize significant productivity gains while reducing costs, there’s only one name to remember… mPower™, exclusively from Modern Industries.