Product Profile

Made-to-Order Plates

In addition to offering standard sized base and fixture plates, mPower is also capable of offering “Made-to-Order” plates on a fast delivery basis.  This service is ideal for companies short on personnel that can be spared to prepare blank base or fixture plates to exacting specifications.  In fact, when you consider your internal labor costs + material costs, you will find our service to be extremely cost efficient.

Ordering is simple:

  • Select a base or fixture plate.
  • Email us your engineering specs for hole sizes and placements.
20x40 Sub-Plate Reg Vises Exp_R1

Product Line Roundup:

  • Horizontal Machining Center – Subplates for Tooling Columns 400, 500 and 630mm bases standard.
  • Vertical Machining Center Subplates – Specify your machine type and typical application(s). We will design a subplate configuration that provides best flexibility for your individual needs. Some common arrays and sizes available.
  • Fixture Plates – Specify your application needs. (available in both .75″ and 1″ thickness) Common configurations include:
    • Square and Grid Layouts – 6″X 6″, 8″X 8″, 12″X 12″, 14″X 14″, 16″X 16″, 20″X 20″
    • Other Common Sizes – 12″X 16″, 12″X 14″, 10″X 15″, 20″X 40″
    • Tooling Column Plates – 8″X 21″, 10″X 24″, 10″X 28″, 12″X 24″, 16″X 28″ (and sizes listed above.)
  • Interlocking Keystone Vice Plates – For up to 6″ straight-body vices.


  • Base and sub plates are designed to accommodate the patented SpeedLoc plate locking system.
  • Precision ground to +/- .0005.
  • Produced from A36 HRS or Aluminum Tool and Jig Plate.
  • Thicknesses available from .5in to 2in.
  • High strength.
  • All popular sizes and shapes.
  • Off-the-shelf availability.
  • Special order/custom plates also available, contact factory for details.

System Components:

  • Subplate – Secures to a machine table and remains fixed.  These aluminum or steel plates contain SpeedLoc Receivers at desired locations to attach fixture plates.  Machine tables outfitted with SpeedLoc Receivers do not require subplates.
  • Fixture Plates – Can be designed in a number of sizes and shapes to best fit the application.  The are secured by inserting a SpeedLoc Locator through lined or unlined holes and into the SpeedLoc Receiver installed in the subplate or machine table.
  • Liner – Hardened alloy steel bushing press fit into a fixture plate hole to provide wear resistance and precision with repeated use.  The stepped liner configuration allows for flush mounting with the compact head SpeedLoc Locators.
  • Locator – A precision fastener system that locates and clamps fixture plates to subplates or machine tables by insertion into a SpeedLoc Receiver pocket.
  • Receiver – Installed into subplates, tooling columns, or machine tables to accept SpeedLoc Locators.