Product Profile


  • 100% made in the USA
  • Made of hardened and tempered 4340/4140 alloy steel
  • Machined from wrought bar stock – No castings or powdered metal parts
  • Through the tool coolant

 Tool Holder Product Line Consists of:

  • Roughing Tools: WNMG, CNMG, DNMG holders
  • Finishing Tools: VNMG, DNMG holders
  • Threaders: Lay down and top notch styles
  • Groovers: Lay down and top notch styles
  • Combination Tool: On one head there are:
    • (2) Top notch pockets for threading/grooving
    • (1) Lay down triangle pocket for threading
    • (1) WNMG pocket for roughing
    • (1) VNMG pocket for finishing
SpinSelect Four Style Compaison



SpinSelect bases are produced from high grade tool steel in standard Right Hand and Left Hand configurations.  Bases are stocked as blanks, then custom finished to precisely fit on your machine/turret for optimum performance.


SpinSelect heads are available in a number of popular sizes, tool holding insert geometries, insert relief angles, tool holder codes, insert relief codes, insert sizes and other operating parameters…see selection chart below.

Part NumberSpin Select Heads
Descriptions ( s)
mPower Line CodeInsert Holding CodeInsert Geometry CodeToolholder StyleHandInsert Relief AngleSpin Select Head SizeInsert Size Code/IC
SS5-MCLNL-M4 C style insert, size 4, Right HandSS5M=Clamp & PinC=CNMGL=5 oL=LeftN=0,Neg.M=Med4=1/2"
SS5-MCLNR-M4 C style insert, size 4, Left HandSS5M=Clamp & PinC=CNMGL=5 oR=RightN=0,Neg.M=Med4=1/2"
SS5-MDJNL-M4D style insert, size 4, Left HandSS5M=Clamp & PinD=DNMGJ=-3 oL=LeftN=0,Neg.M=Med4=1/2"
SS5-MDJNR-M4D style insert, size 4, Right HandSS5M=Clamp & PinD=DNMGJ=-3 oR=RightN=0,Neg.M=Med4=1/2"
SS5-MWLNL-M4 W style insert, size 4, Left HandSS5M=Clamp & PinW=WNMGL=5 oL=LeftN=0,Neg.M=Med4=1/2"
SS5-MWLNR-M4 W style insert, size 4, Right HandSS5M=Clamp & PinW=WNMGL=5 oR=RightN=0,Neg.M=Med4=1/2"
SS5-PVVNL-M3 V style insert, size 3, Left HandSS5P=Lock PinV=VNMGV=-17.5 oL=LeftN=0,Neg.M=Med3=3/8"
SS5-PVVNR-M3 V style insert, size 3, Right HandSS5P=Lock PinV=VNMGV=-17.5 oR=RightN=0,Neg.M=Med3=3/8"
SS5-SLTSR-M3 Lay Down Threader/Groover, size 3, Left HandSS5S=Screw LockLT=Lay Down TriangleS=Offset ShankL=LeftN=0,Neg.M=Med3=3/8"
SS5-SLTSL-M3 Lay Down Threader/Groover, size 3, Right HandSS5S=Screw LockLT=Lay Down TriangleS=Offset ShankR=RightN=0,Neg.M=Med3=3/8"
SS5-NNSL-M3 Top NotchThreader/Groover, size 3, Left HandSS5N=Top NotchN=Top NotchS=Offset ShankL=LeftN=0,Neg.M=Med3=.195"
SS5-NNSR-M3 Top Notch Threader/Groover, size 3, Right HandSS5N=Top NotchN=Top NotchS=Offset ShankR=RightN=0,Neg.M=Med3=.195"

SS5-BR-M: Standard Right Hand Base–Size Medium
SS5-BL-M: Standard Left Hand Base–Size Medium

NOTE: Bases are stocked as blanks and custom finished to fit your Machine/Turret.

Provide the following information:
1. Make-Model of your turret.
2. Make-Model-S/N of your machine.

Patent Number: 8,505,421 B2