Parts Information

In designing the unique ModLoc™ modular tooling columns, mPower engineers borrowed heavily from the principles of advanced structural engineering to produce a tooling where the fixture plates essentially become the structure and strength of the system.

Rigid and strong, yet substantially lighter than cast columns, ModLoc tooling columns assemble quickly and feature an open architecture that is ideal for systems requiring hydraulic or electrical control systems.

ModLoc tooling columns take full advantage of the incredible precision and efficiency of the SpeedLoc™ system to cut fixture plate setups to just seconds.

Consider the Advantages:

1. Overall Strength – Strength and deflection resistance of mPower’s modular tooling column compares favorably to that of a solid cast tombstone.

2. Assembly Time – A modular tooling column can be assembled in minutes versus the lead times associated with cast tombstones.

3. Purchase Cost – A modular
tooling column generally provides a significant cost savings versus solid cast tombstones.

4. Fixturing Flexibility – Modular tooling columns offer design flexibility compared to cast tombstones.

5. Hydraulic & Electrical Systems – The “open” design of modular tooling columns readily accepts hydraulic & electrical systems to actuate or control process applications…not possible with a solid tombstone.

Depicted here is the typical construction of a ModLoc™ Modular Tooling Column. We specialize in meeting specific needs and can readily adapt the tooling column components to help operators optimize the configuration in order to achieve the highest possible machining efficiencies.

Optional ModLoc™ Docking System

Cut additional time off fixture plate changes using the convenient ModLoc docking hardware system. This optional feature enables fixture plates to be easily “hung in place” prior to installing SpeedLoc locking fasteners. The cost of this docking system will easily pay for itself in reduced manpower time alone within the first several uses. Available all ModLoc tooling columns.

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