Product Profile

“Lightweight, versatile and economical” are the words mPower uses to describe the line of patented ModLoc™ modular tooling columns.

By uniquely incorporating the principals of structural engineering, ModLoc tooling columns have an exceptionally strong exterior structure. Extremely simple to construct, ModLoc manifold and support brackets securely connect with fixture plates to form a precise integrated, high strength, rigid structure. In essence, the fixture plates become an integral part of the tooling column; thus, creating significant overall weight reductions.

As compared to traditional solid tooling columns, ModLoc tombstones are significantly lighter. This reduced weight translates into much improved machining efficiencies and less wear and tear on the machine as tables can move faster without having to bear the weight that heavier columns represent.

The ModLoc System is assembled using Modern’s new patent-pending SpeedLoc locator/fastener system. The SpeedLoc allows quick, accurate assembly and disassembly. This state-of-the-art technology allows endless configurations of ModLoc columns. ModLoc fixture plates can be quickly and easily removed for alteration and then quickly and accurately reattached to column brackets. ModLoc’s design also allows easy access to the inside of the column where components such as hydraulics and electronics can be efficiently housed.


A summary of additional ModLoc features and benefits include:

  • Kit Construction – permits extremely flexible assembly configurations
  • Open Design – permits easy hydraulic and electrical access to a multitude of tooling and fixturing components
  • Built-in Manifold & Bracket Sets – easily accommodate hydraulic systems to support advanced process operations
  • Most Popular Shapes & Sizes – custom configurations can also be special ordered
  • High Strength Materials – featuring aluminum alloy or steel construction

Depicted above is the typical construction of a ModLoc Modular Tooling Column. We specialize in meeting specific needs and can readily adapt the tooling column components to help operators optimize the configuration in order to achieve the highest possible machining efficiencies.

Optional ModLoc Docking System

Cut additional time off fixture plate changes using the convenient ModLoc docking hardware system. This optional feature enables fixture plates to be easily “hung in place” prior to installing SpeedLoc locking fasteners. The cost of this docking system will easily pay for itself in reduced manpower time alone within the first several uses. Available all ModLoc tooling columns.


ModLoc modular tooling columns are available in a wide range of standard configurations. Custom sizes and shapes are also available on a special order basis.

The design and construction of modular ModLoc Tooling Columns possess numerous advantages versus cast tombstone – consider the advantages

  • Overall Strength – The Strength and deflection resistance of a ModLoc modular tooling column is equal to or greater than that of a solid tombstone.
  • Assembly Time – A ModLoc tooling column can be assembled in minutes as compared to waiting weeks for delivery of a solid tombstone.
  • Purchase Cost – A ModLoc tooling column is generally much less costly than a solid cast tombstone.
  • Fixturing Flexibility – ModLoc modular tooling columns are unmatched in allowing extreme fixturing flexibility.
  • Hydraulic & Electrical System Compatibility – The “open” design of modular tooling columns readily accepts hydraulic & electrical systems…not possible with a solid cast tombstone.

Solid cast tombstones are appropriately named – they represent a dying technology!

Solid doesn’t mean stronger

An independent engineering lab subjected both the ModLoc modular tooling column and a solid cast tombstone to a battery of Finite Element Analysis tests to determine which was stronger across a range of parameters.

The test results proved that the modular tooling column design with SpeedLoc fasteners was equal to or exceeded the integral strength and rigidity of a solid tombstone.