Technical Information

The kit-style construction of ModLoc™ tooling columns make them extremely simple to assemble, yet extremely strong as well.

ModLoc manifold and support brackets securely connect with fixture plates using SpeedLoc™ precision fasteners to form a precise integrated, high strength, rigid structure. In essence, the fixture plates become an integral part of the tooling column; thus creating significant overall weight reductions without sacrificing strength.

In designing the unique Modloc modular tooling column, mPower engineers borrowed heavily from the principles of adnvaced structural engineering to produce a tooling column wher ethe fixture plates essentially become the structure and strength of the system.

Rigid and strong, yet substantially lighter than cast columns, ModLoc tooling columns assemble quickly and feature an open architecture that is ideal for systems requiring hydraulic or electrical control systems.

ModLoc tooling columns take full advantage of the incredible precision and efficiency of the SpeedLoc system to cut fixture plate setups to just seconds.

Building a Tooling Column: