Which SpeedLoc Liner is best for your application?

The mPower line offers you three liner systems that enable you to easily create a fixturing system to best meet your specific machining needs.


mPwer Liner Flush Mount (AL) image

Flush Mount Liner

Many customers refer to this as our Stepped Liner for obvious reasons. However, it’s really designed to be used with our Compact Locator so that the entire SpeedLoc receiver is nested within the Fixture Plate.

Using the Flush Mount Liner means that the SpeedLoc does not project up into the work envelope of your CNC milling machine that would require programming ‘around’ the locators.


mPwer Liner Standard (AL) image

Standard Liner

Our standard liner is used when converting from an older competitive design to the new SpeedLoc design.


mPower Adjustable Liner

Adjustable Liner

The adjustable liner is used to bring your fixture an even higher level of accuracy by permitting fine adjustment to your fixture plates between machines.