Which one is right for your application?

The mPower line offers you two receiver systems that enable you to easily create a fixturing system to best meet your specific machining needs.

Compact face mount receiver

Compact Face Mount Design

 Occupies a small footprint that optimizes sub-plate space, is easier to install and less expensive than standard face mount receivers. Unlike older competitive systems, the SpeedLoc™ compact design threads directly into your fixture.

No additional hardware is required. The required machined counterbore diameter in your fixture to mount the receiver  is smaller than that required for the Standard Retrofit receiver shown below. The Compact Design takes up much less space and is the ideal solution for fixture designs that are on the edge of your maching working envelope.

Retrofit receiver

Standard Retrofit Face Mount Design

This receiver is interchangeable with competitive face mount designs produced for “blind hole” applications.

The Bolt hole circle pattern and socket head screws as the same as your older competitive system so you can quickly retrofit to the SpeedLoc to improve accuracy to +/- .0004″ and double your hold down force.