Retrofit Receiver

Is it time to upgrade the old stuff?

The SpeedLoc system is designed from the ground up to deliver the BEST clamping pressure on the market.
However, we realize that we where not the first product on the market.  You may have already started using one of our competitors products.  That doesn’t mean that you are stuck with an older technology forever!

Our receiver is interchangeable with older face mount designs because we can bolt right into their bolt hole pattern.

By converting to our receivers you can take advantage of the speed, precision and easy installation the unique SpeedLoc system offers, without the need to produce new subplates or fixture plates.

Before you decide which system to buy. Take a look at the chart at the right.

Do you want to keep buying the old system or purchase the latest in technology and improve your clamping pressure to keep your fixtures as rigid as possible.

… for less money?

SpeedLoc Receiver Family w screws  6


  • Repeatabilty: +/- .0004″
  • Strength: 180,000 PSI
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Material: 4340
  • Hardness: 50~52 R/c
  • Special Order: High temperature and stainless steel materials available upon request

Part Number"A" Locator Size"D" Clearance Hole Size"B" Plate C'Bore Diameter"C" Plate C'Bore Deptth"F" Drill and Tap to Minuminum Depth"F" Torque on Screw Bolt Circle Diameter : 3 Holes Equally Spaced"E" Minimun Plate ThicknessChamber SizeCAD Drawings
AR1300113mm11/161.37540.4698-32 UNC 2B x 5/163.60.9840.750.025 x 45°AR-13001
AR1600116mm13/161.43740.4698-32 UNC 2B x 5/163.61.1250.750.025 x 45°AR-16001
AR2000120mm13/161.68770.63710-32 UNF 2B x 3/85.61.3621.000.025 x 45°AR-20001
AR2500125mm12.06270.7991/4-28 UNF 2B x 1/214.41.6441.250.025 x 45°AR-25001
AR3000130mm1 3/162.26580.8711/4-28 UNF 2B x 3/414.41.8751.375.025 x 45°AR-30001
AR3500135mm1 9/162.68770.9045/16-24 UNF 2B x 128.82.1781.500.025 x 45°AR-35001
AR5000150mm2 5/323.50021.2393/8-24 UNF 2B x 1 52.82.9162.000.025 x 45°AR-50001

  • All Dimensions in imperial unless otherwise specified.
  • “B” Plate C’Bore Diameter (Inch): +.0004/- .0000″
  • “C” Plate C’Bore Depth: +.010/-.005
  • “F” Torque on Screw: Grade 10 Cap Screw; Torque value in ft/lbs