SpeedLoc Locators are available in two versions:


mPower standard locator

Standard Locator

The SpeedLoc Standard Locator will retrofit with older competitive systems that are currently in use.  Simply by changing out the receiver from the competitive system you will be able to utilize the SpeedLoc Standard Locator and dramatically increase your clamping force on your fixture.


mpower compact locator

Compact Locator

The SpeedLoc Compact Locator is the ideal solution for any new applications. It’s has a smaller head diameter within the fixture and fixture plate than our Standard Locator and it can be nested flush with the surface of the fixture plate so you don’t need to program tool paths around it.  It has all of the same clamping pressure and versatility as our Standard Locator but takes up a lot less space.  This is our first choice for all new applications.