Product Profile

SpeedLoc Quick Change Mounting System

SpeedLoc provides a fast, accurate and powerful means of precisely locating and locking two flat surfaces together. While applications are unlimited, a common use is in machine work holding, connecting fixture plates to sub plates or tooling columns. The system includes two styles of locators & receivers as well as matching base and fixture plates enabling users of both VMC and HMC equipment to quickly construct fixturing set-ups to meet specific machining needs.

Thanks to the quick-install and self-extracting features of the SpeedLoc precision fixturing/mounting system, changes to fixturing set-ups can be accomplished incredibly fast.

SpeedLoc Fixturing System

This precision locator/fastener system by mPower is designed for a multitude of tooling, fixturing and assembly applications. Most importantly, these devices offer the ability to make accurate set-up changes faster than ever before which enables significant improvements in machining productivity, throughput rates, quality, and reduced operating costs.

SpeedLoc has solved the common difficulties associated with precision attachment and removal of fixture plates, tooling, and accessories. Prying, pounding and jack screws are a thing of the past since the SpeedLoc design uses the fastening device itself to mechanically extract the precision locator from its receiver, allowing easy separation of fixture plates, tooling, and accessories. Unlike competing products, SpeedLoc does not require expensive repair kits since there are no rubber o-rings to break or finicky ball bearings to fall out or fracture.

SpeedLoc Features Include:
  • Self-Extracting – The MOST unique aspect of the SpeedLoc design enables the device to “self-extract” from tooling and fixturing. There is no binding or hang-ups that delay removal time or compromise the accuracy of the locking system.
  • Precise Locating – The most accurate! SpeedLoc guarantees repeatability of +/- .0004” unlike competitors who only guarantee +/- .0005”
  • Clamping Pressure – Due to the unique self-extracting design SpeedLoc generates more than twice the hold down force or competitive products.
  • Easy Installation – The SpeedLoc system is easily installed into a multitude of applications using standard tooling and machining practices.
  • Interchangeable & Retrofit – Even if you use a competitive system you can retrofit the SpeedLoc receivers in your existing fixtures to further reduce your set-up and changeover time, gain twice the clamping pressure and hold a tighter repeatability… and generally at a lower cost then purchasing older antiquated designs.
  • Compact – The more advance SpeedLoc compact group of products eliminates fixture projections that require special programming ‘around’ when using competitive products.
  • American Made – Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A from specially treated alloy materials
  • High Clamping Strength – SpeedLoc is designed for use with hydraulic & pneumatic applications. No special modifications are necessary to the product and when used with our tooling columns all the hydraulic and pneumatic wiring & plumbing is enclosed INSIDE the fixture, by design.



The  SpeedLoc product group

  • Locators – Available in both a Standard Retrofit design and a Patented Compact Design.
  • Receivers – Available in a Face Mount Standard Retrofit design, a patented Face Mount AND Back Mount Compact Design.
  • Liners – Available in both Standard Liner and Flush Mount Stepped Liner Design.
  • Fixture Plates & Base Plates – Available in a variety of sizes for most Vertical Machining Centers.
  • ModLoc – Available in a variety of standard shapes that utilize our Fixture Plates, as your lot size grows, your fixturing grows with it.