Compact Receiver

Exclusive to mPower! Compact Face Mount Design Occupies a small footprint that optimizes sub plate space, is easier to install and less expensive that face mount receivers.



SpeedLoc Receiver Family 2

“We’ve tried other locking systems and found problems with both locating accuracy and difficult removals. Since using the SpeedLoc system, we have realized substantial productivity savings. Our production staff reports that part changeovers are being accomplished in just a couple of minutes. We thought that we had maximized throughput, but now find measurable improvements on even our oldest VMC and HMC equipment.”

    ~ Mr. Scott Heffernan, Covert Manufacturing, Galion, OH




  • Repeatabilty: +/- .0004″
  • Strength: 180,000 PSI
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Material: 4340
  • Hardness: 50~52 R/c
  • Special OrderStainless and High Temp Steels materail availabe upon request
Part Number"A"
Locator Size
Plate C'Bore Diameter
Plate C'Bore Depth
Minimun Plate Thickness
Hole Thread Size
Chamber SizeCAD Drawings
AR-1300513mm0.95040.3000.7503/4-16.025 x 45°AR-13005
AR-1600516mm1.06290.3000.7507/8-14.025 x 45°AR-16005
AR-2000520mm1.27540.3901.0001/12.025 x 45°AR-20005
AR-2500525mm1.50040.3901.0001 1/4-12.025 x 45°AR-25005
AR-3000530mm1.81290.5051.2501 1/2-12.025 x 45°AR-30005
AR-3500535mm2.12540.6301.31251 1/2-12.025 x 45°AR-35005
AR-5000550mm2.75040.7651.7502-12.025 x 45°AR-50005


  • “A” Locator Size (mm):  +.0004/- .0000″
  • “C” Plate C’Bore Depth: +.010/-.005
  • “D” Hole Thread Size (inch): Thread form is UNF 2B